Spring Cleaning For Yourself

Detoxification Techniques for Your Space, Mind, and Body

As the weather gets warmer and the trees start to get more leaves, it just seems right to throw open the windows, air out the house, scrub things down, and clean out those old piles of junk.   A good cleanse just makes you feel better.

Now is the perfect time to create the same renewed feelings for your body, mind and spirit. I suggest taking a few minutes for yourself today to think about the way you want to look and feel by summer.  Then make a plan to take at least one action this week to open up, clear out, cleanse, and rejuvenate.

Here are several things that will help you accomplish your personal spring cleaning:

Cleanse Your Space

  • Use this feng shui technique:
    • In your home and office spaces, make a practice of cleaning out or putting away 21 things every day for the next 21 days.  It doesn’t matter if they are big or little things, the act of doing this creates order and space for you both in your physical and mental realms.


Open Up and Air Out Your Mind

  • –          Use hypnotherapy to release old habits, fears, or behaviors you would rather live without
  • Take a class in yoga, meditation, art, or something else fun that you have always wanted to learn
  • Dump at least one of those negative things you say to yourself.  Pick one, and whenever you hear it inside your head, tell yourself “That it isn’t true anymore.”, or counteract it with a new positive statement.
  • Learn Five Minute Stress Reduction – you can use this technique to dump the effects of stress at any time, throughout your day.  Call me at Balance Point Spa to book a session or visit fiveminutestressmanagement.com for more information

Detoxify and Renew Your Body

  • Have a skin rejuvenating facial (try a peel to eliminate dead skin cells and brighten the skin)
  • Use a salt or sugar body scrub to renew the rest of your skin
  • Try a lymphatic massage to get the toxins moving out of your system
  • Rid your colon and other organs of toxins with the M’Lis Internal Cleanse Herbal Detox system
  • Get a M’Lis Cellulite Detox Wrap to help your lymphatic system eliminate toxic buildup in your skin
  • Use the Far-Infrared Sauna – encouraging your body to sweat is another way to release the build-up of foreign substances from your body.  Far-Infrared is a more efficient way to do this, and is a much more pleasant sauna to sit in
  • Drink lots of water!  Eliminate caffeine and drinks and foods with lots of artificial ingredients

Start today by picking just one of these ideas, or coming up with your own.  Then make a resolution to add one each week as spring develops.  Even one or two will make you feel lighter, more renewed, and ready to live more fully by summer.  At Balance Point Spa, we can help you to rejuvenate you skin, body, mind, and spirit in any season through facials, body treatments, massage, sauna, wellness programs, hypnotherapy, and classes.

Karen Maleck-Whiteley is a Certified Hypnotherapist, coach and speaker, and co-owner of Balance Point Spa, 18285 Soledad Canyon Rd, Canyon Country, 661-252-0650, www.balancepointspa.com.

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