Lunafest Gift – The Properties of Your Stone

We are so glad you attended LunaFest and have visited our site.   We gave out several kinds of stones at LunaFest.  Below are the properties of the stone you received from us in the LunaFest gift bag.

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Rose Quartz (rough pink)Rose Quartz
A stone of love.  Adds positive energy to relationships, opens the heart for giving and receiving love, compassion and forgiveness.  Helps one to feel loved and accepted.  Works with and supports the heart chakra.

Yellow Jasper (golden tumbled)Yellow Jasper

Jasper is a stone of strength and stability.  It is a good stone to use during stress. Protects during travel and eases emotional turmoil.  Yellow jasper channels positive energy and protects during travel.  Stimulates the solar plexus chakra.

Citrine Point (white quartz with golden point)

Citrine PointCitrine is a stone of prosperity, fortune, and good luck.  Carry or wear it to promote abundance.  It can also be used to clear unwanted energies from spaces, and to increase personal power.  It also stimulates the solar plexus chakra.

Tree Jasper (green mottled tumbled)

Tree JasperAll Jaspers have excellent protective energy.  Tree jasper is grounding and especially good when change is needed in a gentle and gradual way.  It is healing and nurturing.  Helps with emotional change.  Works with and supports the heart and root chakras.

Peach Aventurine (peachy tumbled)

Peach AventurinePeach or Orange Aventurine is a stone of  good luck and fortune.  It helps manifest new ideas and possibilities. Helps to mediate pne’s critical and judgmental inner voice. Helps one deal  with issues of self-worth. Encourages perseverance.  Can amplify creative energy and determination and help with finding new ideas and ways to deal with challenges.  Can raise confidence.  Supports the sacral chakra.

We hope you enjoy your stone gift, and that we see you soon as a new or old friend of Balance Point Spa!

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