Botox – Yea or Nay

By Cari Karratti, Licensed Esthetician, Balance Point Spa

I was recently invited to a dinner party hosted by a doctor who owns a med spa. About 300 of his adoring fans (all women) were gathered to learn more about his treatments. As he was introduced the women cheered as if he was a rock star. He started up by asking for a show of hands of all the women who were currently using injectables such as Botox. All around me hands shot up. I kid you not, out of a room of about 300 women only about 8 of us didn’t raise our hands.

While I’m surrounded by women I know and respect who sing the praises of Botox, I’m still a little leery and here’s why. I will start with the known side effects. Droopy eyelids that can last a few weeks, respiratory problems, flu symptoms, headaches, upset stomach, redness, bruising, and pain! Not to mention the paralyzed expressionless faces of people who overdose on it.

I’m a big believer that your life shows on your face. The best way to preserve yourself is through clean living. Yes, all the stuff your mother always preached. No smoking, no alcohol, plenty of rest, exercise, a well balanced diet with plenty of fruit, veggies and lean protein. Drink plenty of water. Take your vitamins. Schedule regular facials and good skin care. I know, not always fun!

Dr. Perricone, who has written many books on healthy aging thinks Botox is a bad long term strategy. He believes the neurotoxin Botox will actually accelerate the aging process. He claims by paralyzing the muscle it causes it to atrophy. As we age we lose muscle mass, and the fastest way to accelerate muscle loss is to paralyze it. The Botox company, claims there are no scientific studies that prove it causes muscle atrophy. But how many times have we heard the saying, “use it or lose it.” It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out an unused, paralyzed muscle is a weakened muscle that will not hold your face up later on. Dr. Perricone suggests supplements, a healthy diet and muscle stimulation is the best route to take to preserve your appearance.

When I was a young woman in my 20’s I thought for sure I’d be using every modern invention known to man to hang on to the appearance of youth. I’m not totally against plastic surgery and the new stay young treatments. Some of them are very good. In fact as an Esthetician I administer some of these stay young treatments both on myself and clients. I’ll never say “Never!” but I can say “Not yet.” Here I am in my 40’s enjoying my good heath, my family and friends and yes the wisdom I’ve gained from age. If you already love your Botox results then rock on. If you’re on the fence like me, weigh the pros and cons and do what feels right for you.  If you’re interested in finding our more about natural ways to help your skin, you can contact me at Balance Point Spa, 661-252-0650.

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