Introducing the 90 Minute Euphoric Facial

By Cari Karratti, Licensed Esthetician

Have you ever had such a long, hard week that you look in the mirror exhausted and think, “Who is that?” Does time only allow for the occasional massage? Is your appearance put on the back burner? Facials are a great way to rev-up that tired appearance and recharge the body and soul.

There are many benefits of having regular facials. A quality facial deep cleans and exfoliates with the use of steam and professional products. Extractions clean out debris in the pores and make them appear smaller and tighter. Specially selected masks and treatments accelerate what you do at home for your skin to improve acnaic, oily, dry, dehydrated, congested, aging, sluggish or just plain tired skin. Facials stimulate much needed blood flow, which helps carry away toxins. They speed up the metabolism of the skin and retard the aging process. I can’t think of a condition that a customized facial can’t improve!

Okay, now that you realize you can look better, let’s talk about the feel better part. For years facials have gotten a bad rap. Perhaps some of you have only experienced a clinical facial in a clinical setting and equate a facial with pain. That is no longer the case! Balance Point Spa has uniquely blended a results-oriented facial with a relaxing and indulgent experience. Balance Point Spa is a peacefully balancing sanctuary. The atmosphere will begin to unwind you the moment you walk in the door.

I have created the 90 minute Euphoric Facial for busy women (and men too!) who want to look good as well as feel good; I wanted to create the kind of experience I would want to have!  This facial includes all the deep cleansing, and therapeutic benefits of a traditional facial combined with the unwinding and harmonizing effects of massage. Hands are moisturized and dipped in warm paraffin. Skin is steamed and cleansed, followed by an exfoliation process. Gentle extractions lift away impurities. A freshly blended customized mask is applied. While the mask is drying, fragrant steamed towels and warm herbal heat pack are placed on the décolleté area to soothe and relax tired muscles.  Your stress is gently kneaded away as your shoulders, arms, and hands are massaged. When the mask is removed, toner is applied to tighten pores and bring skin to a healthy ph level. A vitamin rich serum penetrates deep into the skin followed by a moisturizing treatment. Your skin is then infused with pure oxygen. Oxygen nourishes the complexion as well as reducing fine lines and redness. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, a rich nourishing cream is applied to the feet and all remaining stress melts away with a wonderful foot massage, while the soft serene lighting and peaceful music lull you into your own tranquil world. Everyone who has this facial raves about it. It is the ultimate in decadent (and beneficial!) pampering. You completely leave that hectic week behind and walk out feeling recharged and beautiful.

Euphoric Facials are available only at Balance Point Spa  For great savings, purchase a series of five and receive one free.  Call Cari at Balance Point for more information, or to discuss your specific skin care needs.  We customize all facials to your needs.  *  661-252-0650 * 18285 Soledad Canyon Rd., Canyon Country (cross street Solamint). 

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