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Massage Is Much More Than Relaxing

Brian Whiteley, Licensed Massage Therapist You may be well aware of the obvious benefits of massage – relaxation and tension release.  But did you know that regular massage can help relieve muscle discomfort associated with work stresses, muscular overuse and many chronic pain syndromes? It can also greatly reduce the development of painful muscular patterning after injury.  Massage improves circulation and assists in removal of...
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Help! I Can’t Study and Tests Make Me Sick!

Do you or someone you know break out in a sweat when the word test is mentioned?  Do you groan when you think about studying and somehow avoid it, even though you know you need to do it?  Do you have trouble focusing on what you are studying? Or find that you just cannot recall the things you are sure you know when you are...
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M’Lis Body Contouring and Internal Cleanse Products: Lose Weight, Inches, Tone Your Skin, and Get Healthier

Are you ready to clean up your act and get a great start on the New Year?  Do you hate your cellulite?  Desire a slimmer appearance?  Feeling sluggish or out of sorts? Are you looking for more natural treatment alternatives?  Then the M’Lis Weight Loss, Internal Cleanse and Body Contour Programs and products may be for you.  The M’Lis Company offers holistic programs that assist...
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