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Sunstone, Tiger Eye, and Tree Jasper: Warm Energy for the Holidays!

Surrond yourself with warm, peaceful energy for the holidays!    Sunstone spreads protective energy and provides you with extra energy when you are under stress or illness.  Sunstone stimulates energy and your personal power of attraction, increases self-healing, and promotes harmony internally and externally.    Tiger Eye brings together the vibrations of the Sun and Earth which are conducive to peacefulness.  It combines sharpness and...
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Repel Negativity, Center Yourself, and Clear Your Mind!

Black Tourmaline Black Tourmaline repels negativity and protects your body from absorbing it.  This stone is a great energy deflector and increases physical vitality, emotional stability, and intellectual acuity.  It can also help maintain one’s spirits even when conditions are very “doom and gloom”.  Black Tourmaline awakens altruism and enhances practicality in creativity.  It averts spells and activates grounding between the first chakra and the...
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New Fall Products: Dreamcatcher Jars and Elegant Aroma Sprays!

New Fall Products: Dream Catcher Jars and Elegant Aroma Sprays! ……………………………………………. Dream Catcher Jars  A dream is a promise you give to yourself to share with someone you love…  It is a treasure more precious than gold.  This Dream Catcher Jar is the perfect place for the shining dreams it can hold.  So put all your deep, heartfelt wishes inside, where they will never be too...
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