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Clear Out the Clutter and Increase Your Energy

Our stuff has a lot of power over us.   Think for a moment about a favorite possession.  What feeling do you get when you wear, use or look at it?  How would you feel if you lost it?  Now think about that corner of the garage that you haven’t cleaned out in years, or the stack of paperwork accumulating on the kitchen counter.  Or maybe...
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Feeling Stuck? You Always Have a Choice

Do you ever hear yourself or someone near you saying something like “I really want to do something different, but I’m stuck here in this ____ (fill in the blank – job, house, city, relationship).”   Or, “I can’t wait to get away from all this on my vacation.” implying that your everyday life is torture to be escaped.  I am sure most of us have...
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The Benefits of Far-Infrared Sauna Treatments

Saunas have been used for hundreds of years for their beneficial health effects.  Besides the immediate relaxation that occurs from being warm, the sauna session promotes the release of toxins from the body by causing you to sweat more than you normally would.  The treatment can also be beneficial for people who suffer from chronic disorders such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, mercury build-up and other toxic...
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