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Bath Salts with Healing Properties

Bath Salts with Healing Properties On left:  Himalayan Salts On right:  Minera Dead Sea Salts $15.00 each (contains 4 cups) Himalayan Bath & Spa Salts Salt harvested from the Himalayan Mountains is unlike any other salt, unique in both its majestic beauty and in the benefits it provides. If you add pure and natural Himalayan salts to your bath you will notice the difference immediately....
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Stone Grid Kits

Stone and Crystal Grid Kits Stone and crystal grids can be used in the home or office to set intentions and attract, direct, move or concentrate energy. –Place your grid in a location that makes sense for what you wish to attract or direct.  You can put your grid under a bed, on an altar or table, under or on your desk, or in your...
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Chakra Intention Candles

Feeling out of balance? Come and pick up a chakra intention candle!   Chakra Intention Candles are lovingly created by hand and infused with intentional energy.  There is a candle for each of the 7 chakras.  The candles are made to assist you in clearing and strengthening the chakras and achieving your intentions.  Each candles has the Sanskrit name of the chakra, the physical and...
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