Body Treatments, Waxing, and Add-Ons

Indian Sunset Mud Mask (70 minutes)…$100

Iron-rich mud from the Southwest will nourish and detoxify you from head to toe. Consists of a brisk exfoliation, followed by a warm mud wrap. This wrap improves circulation, draws out impurities, and imparts nutrition to the skin without dehydrating. After the mud is removed, stimulating oil is lightly massaged into your skin.

Hot Rock Salt Scrub (50 minutes)…$85

After you are brushed to stimulate circulation and remove dead skin cells, Dead Sea salts are mixed with oil and massaged over your body with hot rocks for the ultimate exfoliation experience. Also improves circulation and lymphatic functioning. This treatment is finished with a soothing, relaxing mini-massage, leaving you glowing and refreshed with satin skin.

Far-Infrared Sauna Treatments

$15 for 15 min/$30 for 30 min.

Series of 5 – 15 min. $62.50 Series of 10 – 15 min. $100

Series of 5 – 30 min. $125  Series of 10 – 30 min. $200

Far-Infrared Saunas heat in a way that penetrates the body more efficiently to release toxins and provide relief and relaxation, while the sauna remains much cooler that the steam versions. The body responds to the deep-heating effect in many beneficial ways. Helps with many health issues including heavy metal toxicity, pesticide exposure, and general cleansing. Great before a wrap or massage.

Amethyst Bio-Mat Sessions

$30 for 30 min/$60 for 60 min.

Series of 5 – 30 min. $125  Series of 10 – 30 min. $200

Series of 5 – 60 min. $250 Series of 10 – 60 min. $400

Bio-Mat with energy work by Ann:

Available Fridays 2pm-6pm and Saturdays from 9am-6pm 

$50 for 30 minutes with Ann

$80 for 60 minutes with Ann

The Amethyst Bio-Mat combines far infrared light, soothing heat, and negative ion technology with the healing power of the amethyst and tourmaline. Some of the benefits of the bio-mat may include:
*Improved circulation
*Improved immune system functions
*Pain relief
*Burning of calories
*Easing Joint pain and stiffness
*Reduced stress and fatigue
*Improved skin

Healing Foot Massage Treatment

(20 minutes)…$35

$20 added to a service

The ultimate treat for tired, dry, overworked, or difficult feet. Includes cleansing, creamy scrub exfoliation, and the application of a specially developed cream containing natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera, and Jojoba Oil. Shea Butter is applied to any rough spots. Leaves your feet incredibly soft and healthy.

M’Lis Body Contour Cellulite Detox Treatment

(120 min.)…$105
Series of 3…$315
Series of 3 includes home maintenance kit ($73 value)

Series of 6…$525 ($87.50 each – does not include kit)

The M’Lis Body Contour Wrap is like no other, using a niacin and herbal formulation which works externally to internally. This type of program aids in the removal of wastes that have become trapped in the connective tissue underneath the skin, it helps restore elasticity to loose, flabby skin, and is the healthiest type of wrap. Supports detox programs as well. The M’Lis Body Wrap usually produces a loss of 4-14 inches in a 2 hour treatment. For maximum results, a series of 3 to 6 wraps is recommended.

Warm Oil Hydrating Wrap (90 min.)…$65.00

$45 added to a service

Your skin is brushed and warm oil is massaged into your entire body. You are then wrapped in warm blankets for 60 minutes, allowing your skin to absorb nourishment and become rejuvenated. Aromatherapy helps you relax and recharge. A great treatment to do just before a massage as it warms your muscles and makes the massage even more effective. Add a foot treatment or mini facial during your wrap and feel even better!


Eyebrow $20 & up
Upper Lip or Chin $12 & up
Side Burns $15 & up
Full Face $40 & up
Bikini Line $35 & up
Half Leg w/bikini $75 & up
Full Leg with bikini $95 & up
Back $45 & up
Chest & Stomach $55 & up
Arms $25 & up
Half Leg $55 & up
Full Leg $80 & up
Underarms $25 & up


There are many ways to achieve balance add any of these specially priced treatments to your massage, body treatment, or facial (must be added to a treatment of $50 or more).

Far-Infrared Sauna Treatment $10 for 15 min.
Far-Infrared Sauna Treatment $20 for 30 min.
Paraffin Hand and Foot Treatments $10 ea. /$18 for both
Healing Foot Massage Treatment $20
Mini Facial $45
Warm Oil Hydrating Wrap $45
15 Extra Minutes of Massage $15
30 Minute Massage $30
Chakra Stone Balancing Treatment $20

Special stones are laid on each of your Chakras and energy is directed to clear them and allow better overall attunement and functioning.

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