Massage and Energy Treatments


Balance Point is all about massage. We have the best therapists in the Santa Clarita Valley, and each Balance Point massage session is tailored to the needs of your body. We find that most people require some customized work in specific areas. We include techniques from different massage disciplines in each of your sessions, to best address your issues. You may also request a specific type of massage from the list below.

All Balance Point massages include Aromatherapy and an Energy Boost Treatment

Type of Massage Full Balance 90 minutes Mini-Balance 60 Minutes
Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy massage, Lymphatic Drainage
$100* $75*
Sports/Therapeutic Stretching, Heavy Deep Tissue, Reiki
$120* $90*
Hot Stone or Lomi Lomi Massage
Busy Person’s 30 Minute Massage
Side By Side Massage (2 therapists, 2 clients in the same room)
$200* $150*
$65 (45 min.)
Scalp and Foot Massage
$50 (30 min.)
Chakra Stone Treatment
$35 (30 min.)

Buy a series of 5 massages,
get an
additional massage FREE

*Add $10 for massage with Brian Whiteley

Getting the Most Out of Your Massage

Come a few minutes early and relax in our sanctuary area, or schedule a sauna treatment to warm your muscles. Be sure to drink plenty of water afterwards, to aid your body in flushing toxins and continuing to heal.

About Massage and Energy Treatments

What is Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep Tissue is used to release chronic muscle tension through slower strokes and more direct pressure applied to the muscles. The therapist determines the areas of pain or tightness, and slowly works into the deep layers of muscle tissue. Techniques employing breath and movement are also used for releasing deep muscular congestion.

What is Reiki?

During Reiki, which means ”universal life-force energy”, the practitioner channels what is known as universal energy. The treatment follows a traditional pattern of hand positions resting above the body. Reiki is pure energy, and brings about deep relaxation and healing. This modality is extremely calming and meditative.

What is Reflexology?

In Reflexology pressure is applied to the feet and hands with specific thumb, finger and hand techniques. Other areas may also be massaged. It is based on a system of zones and reflex areas that reflect an image of the body on the feet and hands. Stimulation of these points effects physical changes in the body.
What is Lymphatic Drainage?

This healing technique uses soothing, gentle, rhythmical, precise massage-like movements to accelerate the flow of lymphatic fluid in the body. This manual assistance helps encourage a healthier immune system. Many people find this modality helps with PMS relief, post-surgery recovery, relief of edema and major bruising, the breakup of cellulite, and the release of toxins.

What is Sports Massage?

Sports massage is used primarily for the serious athlete who trains continuously. It focuses on the muscles relevant to the particular athletic activity and includes pre-event, post-event and maintenance techniques that promote greater athletic endurance and performance, and lessen chances of injury & reduce recovery time.

What is Therapeutic Stretching?

Therapeutic Stretching is a set of techniques that may be used alone or in conjunction with other massage methods. The therapist uses specific stretching movements that provide increased range of motion and flexibility, relieve over-tight muscles, and allow for improved movement. It is often used in conjunction with sports massage, and is usually done with clothing on.

Pregnancy Massage Restrictions

Pregnant women may not receive massage until after week 16, and must wait 10 weeks after delivery.

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