Far Infrared Sauna Treatments
Enjoy the health benefits of our far-infrared sauna, detox and feel GREAT!
10% off single sessions

 Lymphatic Drainage Massage
A specialized technique that reduces edema (swelling), clears fluids, and supports healing.  Recommended after surgery, and for people suffering from swelling due to a variety of issues.  Brian Whiteley is certified in this technique.
15 % off
1 hour $72.25 (Reg. $85)
1.5 hour $93.50 (Reg. $110)

M’Lis Detox Kits and Products
20% off

Detox Kits $55.20 (Reg $69)
Cellulite and Lymphatic Home Care Kit $60 (Reg. $75)
Essential Greens $24 (Reg. $30)

We gladly accept Spa Week and Spa Finder gift cards and certificates.  Spa Week and Spa Finder Certificates may only be used for regular-priced services.

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