Need some cleansing energy for the summer time?  Come and check out our red, pink, and green calcite!

Calcite is a powerful amplifier and cleanser of various types of energies.  All calcites emanate a gentle energy- cleansing, revitalizing.  Red calcite opens the base chakra, bringing vitality and increased energy.  It stimulates the senses, giving a new appreciation for physical experience.  It is a grounding stone and works well in combination with hematite, ruby, red garnet, smoky quartz, and black tourmaline.  Pink calcite, or Mangano, is a heart stone.  It is associated with angels and is the soft stone of forgiveness that brings unconditional love.  It is used to release fear and grief from the past that is trapping you, assist in developing self-worth and self-acceptance, heal nervous conditions, lift tension and anxiety, and prevent nightmares.  The loving energy of mangano calcite dissolves resistance, promoting pure empathy and love.  Green calcite draws money and prosperity, especially when used with green candles in the morning.  It can assist in dissolving old rigid belief systems, restoring balance to your mind.  It aids any transition from a stagnant to a positive environment.  It is also used to stimulate the immune system and absorb negative energy. 





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