Chakra Intention Candles

candlesLGFeeling out of balance? Come and pick up a chakra intention candle!

Chakra Intention Candles are lovingly created by hand and infused with intentional energy.  There is a candle for each of the 7 chakras.  The candles are made to assist you in clearing and strengthening the chakras and achieving your intentions.  Each candles has the Sanskrit name of the chakra, the physical and emotional areas governed by the chakra, and several suggested affirmations to use while burning the candle.
The first chakra known as ROOT or Muladhara is located at the base of the spine and associates with the color red.  Emotionally, the first chakra governs: survival and security, family connections, control of fears and instinctive reactions, and grounding and connection.  Physically, this chakra is the basis for health and energy flow throughout the body.  When you balance the first chakra, you support the spinal column, rectum, legs, feet, and energize the body for overall health.  Affirmations include “I am safe”, “I am secure”, and “I am supported”.
The second chakra known as SACRAL or Swadhisthana is located in the lower abdomen, genitals, and womb and associates with the color orangeEmotionally, the second chakra governs: creativity and sexuality, your relationship with power and money, procreation, ideation and inventiveness, and the ability to feel joy and pleasure.  Physically, this chakra is important for bringing things into being, allowing flow through you into the world, and understanding and listening to desires.  When you balance the second chakra, you support the sexual organs, lower vertebrae, large intestine, pelvis, hips, and bladder.  Affirmations include “I am blessed”, “I am joyful”, and “I take pleasure in what I do”.
The third chakra known as SOLAR PLEXUS or Manipura is located in the area above the navel and associates with the color yellowEmotionally, the third chakra is the power center and governs: self-confidence, self-esteem, the manifestation of ideas and desires, and the connection to your “gut” instincts and knowledge.  When you balance the third chakra, you support the stomach, pancreas, adrenals, upper intestines, gall bladder, spleen, liver, and middle spine.  Affirmations include “I am confident in my abilities”, “I listen and respond to my gut”, and “I do what it takes to manifest my ideas and desires”.
The fourth chakra known as HEART or Anahata is located in the center of the chest and associates with the color greenEmotionally, the fourth chakra is the center of love and governs: compassion, unconditional love, hope, forgiveness, empathy, and understanding.  When you balance the fourth chakra, you support the heart, circulatory system, ribs, breasts, thymus, lungs, shoulders, arms, hands, and diaphragm.  Affirmations include “I love myself and connect to myself in others”, “I can empathize and forgive”, and “The world is a loving place”. 
The fifth chakra known as THROAT or Vishuddha is located in the center of the throat and associates with the color light blueEmotionally, the fifth chakra governs: communication, inner voice, speaking truth, expressing clearly, will power, expression of creativity, and naming and claiming issues and your path.  When you balance the fifth chakra, you support your thyroid gland, throat, esophagus, trachea, mouth, jaw, teeth, neck, upper vertebrae, and lymph glands.  Affirmations include “I communicate clearly and well”, “I speak my truth”, and “I express my creative ideas and needs”.
The sixth chakra known as THIRD EYE or Ajna is located in the center of the forehead between the eyes and associates with the color indigo Emotionally, the sixth chakra governs: psychic consciousness, wisdom, intuition, visualization, mind power and clarity of thought processes, enhanced perception of clarity, ability to see multiple points of view, and listening to the inner voice.  When you balance the sixth chakra, you support the brain, neurological system, pituitary gland, eyes, ears, nose, and sinuses.  Affirmations include “I have a deep sense of knowing”, “I see clearly and from new points of view”, and “I perceive nuances in situations and understand their meaning”.
The seventh chakra known as CROWN or Sahasrana is located at the top of the head and associates with the color white and purpleEmotionally, the seventh chakra governs: the development of psychic abilities, enlightenment, unity, connection to spirit and the spiritual realms, universal knowledge and connection, and oneness.  When you balance the seventh chakra, you support the central nervous system, muscular system, skin, aura, connections to others and to self, energetic body, and physical knowing.  Affirmations include “I am complete”, “I am attuned to my spirit”, and “I connect to the spiritual realm, my guides and angels”.

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