New Jewelry by From Root to Crown: Great Gifts for the Holidays!

Check out our New Jewelry by From Root to Crown!  Not only do these necklaces make great gifts, they are all handmade! 

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FRTC Abundance Pendant

“The key to abundance is meeting limited circumstances with unlimited thoughts.”
                    – Marianne Williamson

        Stone:  Green Aventurine


photo 1FRTC Promise Pendant

               “Promise me you’ll always remember;
                    You’re braver than you believe, 
                       and stronger than you seem, 
                      and smarter than you think.”
                                 -A. A. Milne

FRTC Precious Earrings

             “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with
                   your one wild and precious life?
                               -Mary Oliver
                         Stones:  Rose Quartz

photo 3 FRTC Earth Pendant

            “Heaven is under our feet as well as
                              over our heads.”
                         -Henry David Thoreau
                              Stone:  Jasper

FRTC Gaia Earrings

                      “The poetry of the Earth
                              is never dead.”
                              -John Keats
                    Stone:  Green Turquoise

photo 2FRTC Sun Pendant

                      “Turn your face to the sun
                and the shadows fall behind you.”
                           -Charlotte Whitton

FRTC Honey Earrings

                         “Life is the flower for
                      which love is the honey.”
                              -Victor Hugo
                        Stones: Yellow Quartz

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